Register and Paper Submission



Steps for the Conference Registration

  • Enter the “User Control Panel” of the website, enter your information and become a member of the conference website.  
  • Check your email and click the activation link which has been sent to your email address. (E-mail may be sent to spam)
  • Return to the conference website,go to “login” section in “users system”. Enter your username and password. 

Steps for Paper Submission

  • After logging Users to write articles on the author's menu, Go to “New Article” And requested information and  Insert the Word files on the site.
  • After submitting the Paper,  to follow up Later as referees paper , acceptance  or rejection of  Paper , type offer and … Through the menu "Edite and Review Paper" Tracking of your Paper.

Paper Writing Instruction

  • Papers must be submitted through the base conference In accordance with the instructions provided.
  • Papers should be in the top 20 (in special cases up to 20 pages)  persian or English model based on the following in software Microsoft Word 2007 (or higher) be prepared.
  • It is better researchers Word files with PDF  Compact (rar, zip) upload.
  •  Conference Organizing Committee to accept and review papers are not set according to the template the specified, excused and It will not sent to referees. So please download the sample files and the type and prepare your paper.
  • Distinguished researchers at the time of submission Papers Insert the names of all authors in the authors recorded.
  • Pattern paper is  the attachment  below.

English Format ICNTIS

Important Points in Paper Submission 

  • To set any of the required, relevant instructions from the download page above.
  • Paper information must be announced  precisely and correctly in the conference. In the event of any changes after submitting the paper,does not exist any commitment for the conference secretariat for the paper acceptance and presentation.
  • Submitted articles should not be presented or published previously in place.
  • Paper presenter is known as the responsible person for the paper of the conference and all the correspondence will be done with the same person.
  • Responsible person (the author) is in charge of all the commitments regarding writing and sending the paper.
  • The final accepted papers, will be published in the form of conference cd.
  • In the event of any question or problem in the above mentioned steps, please contact  with the  conference secretariat unit  via the following phone number.